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Skindergade 23
1159 Copenhagen K

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Priserne på vore brugte bøger indeholder brugtmoms, som ikke kan fratrækkes. Forsendelsesomkostninger tillægges.

The prices of our second-hand titles include non-deductable EU-regulated second-hand tax.
The Booktrader is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, near Graabrødretorv and the pedestrian street, Strøget. The house, Skindergade 23, was built in 1831-32, on the ruins of the old Grey Friar Monastery (Gråbrødrekloster), which was demolished during the Reformation, in 1536. Recent excavations in the backyard show that people, possibly monks, have been buried here in the Middle Age. The architect and designer, art nouveau pioneer Thorvald Bindesbøll, was born in this house, in 1846, and the composer Niels W. Gade lived here.
One of the oldest streets in Copenhagen, Skindergade, as the name tells, originally housed the town's skin and fur traders. Around 1880 the street boasted no less than ten bookstores, four of which dealt with secondhand books exclusively. Recent years have seen the secondhand bookstores of Madsen-Lind, Olaf Bager and Axel Rosenkvist disappear, and today The Booktrader and Kaaber are the only bookstores left in the street.
The Booktrader was founded in 1983 by David Grubb, an American who had come to Copenhagen via the Netherlands (no relation of the Danish antiquarian booksellers of same name). The store originally had an entirely English / American stock. A section of the store contained the workshop of David Grubb's girlfriend, weaver Bodil Bødker-Næss. When Bodil Bødker-Næss passed away, in 1988, David Grubb left the country to return to the Netherlands, and Lars Rasmussen, who has received his education as antiquarian bookseller at Paludan and Frederiksberg Antikvariat, took over the store. The stock is now fifty percent Danish and fifty percent English / American. We deal with humanities only, specialising in fields like History, Art, Architecture, Photography, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Literary Criticism, and Music (Jazz, Blues and Rock).
During the 1990s we had a second store on Østerbro, Tryllefløjten (The Magic Flute), managed by my wife, Birte Gerner Larsson.
Among our other activities are the publication of books, especially about my personal passion, South African jazz, and CDs (poetry readings and jazz). We have also published two literary magazines, Booktraders Julehæfte (Booktrader's Christmas Magazine), exclusively featuring contributions by our customers, and the poetry magazine Pearl, edited by Gregory and Birgit Stephenson in collaboration with Lars Rasmussen. In the early 1990s we had the pleasure of seeing the American Library Journal announce Pearl as one of the ten best magazines in the world.
We have also housed exhibitions of works by photographer Hardy Stockmann, sculptor Kasper Holten, and the Japanese silversmith Yuki Ferdinandsen.
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