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Andy Warhol: A Eva Figes: B Arne Herløv Petersen: C Arnold Skemer: D
Matt Beaumont: E Hans Alfredson: F John Berger: G Philippe Sollers: H
Rolf Parland: I Béatrice Machet: J Mario Puzo: K (Swedish translation of ''The Fourth K'') Erlend Loe: L
John Cage: M
Books you were going to write with letters for titles.
Have you read his F?
Oh yes, but I prefer Q.
Yes, but W is wonderful.
O yes, W.

James Joyce: Ulysses 3; 139-140
Ernesto Ferrero: N
Per Olov Kaldestad: O Andrew Lewis Conn: P
Bosse Gustavson: Q Kenne Fant: R
Slavenka Drakulic: S Sarah Kirst: T Bosse Gustavson: U Thomas Pynchon: V
Georges Perec: W John Cage: X Sten Drewsen: ''Y'' Vassilij Vassilikos: Z
Kjetil Siem: Æ Aldous Huxley: Ø (Danish translation of ''Island'') Sven Barthel: Ö Knut Nærum: Å

After having read the Joycean quote, I decided to try gathering a complete alphabet of books that only had one letter for titles. After three years of intense collecting, the whole alphabet was on display in my shop, however lacking the two Scandinavian letters Æ and Å. Believing that those two book titles simply didn't exist, I left the collection as it was, and it took a further three years before my friend, Odd Noreger, from Stavanger Antikvariat (aka The Odd Bookshop), triumphantly arrived with the two titles. We celebrated the completion of the alphabet with a bottle of Norwegian Linieakvavit. Later, my other true friend, Georg Oldskov, has written a short story about the alphabet collection and another, not less fascinating collection of secondary alphabet literature. The short story is included in Oldskov's anthology, Sjælens fissehår (The Pussy Hair of the Soul), published by The Booktrader.

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GJohn Berger: G. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1973
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(Swedish translation of The Fourth K)
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(Danish translation of Island)
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